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I wish I could wear a new pair of socks every day. Love new socks.

Here's a video I didn't know existed, but it's called New Socks.

I do honestly like new socks a lot. They're just so much more comfortable. I hope you agree. Sorry if this is a polarizing issue. And  I just realized this isn't my only entry about socks. I'm really not obsessed. But socks are necessary most every day, which keeps them on my mind. They're easier to forget than pants. This has really been a waste of all of our time. I'm a horrible blogger. Absolute failure.

I'll post more tomorrow.


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Staying on the cutting edge of fashion and tossing aside the single-digit temperatures, I'm going to click and buy buy buy me some Urban Outfitters gladiator sandals. I sure hope I'll be the first dude on my block to sport them. Hope they look good with wool socks.


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