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With the Super Bowl coming up this Sunday, I was looking around for the greatest football play ever to put on my site. I found the answer on YouTube, and it surprised me a little. The clip is called "Greatest Tackle Ever in Football," so it must be.

anniversary of the mac

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it's the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh computer. Since everybody else will be talking about the 1984 ad and the impact the Mac has had on computing and culture, I'm not going to. instead, I'm going to create a list of all the Macs I can think of.


Maybe I can think of more later. I feel good about this post. At least it's not about socks again.

science day

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I like to think that all the followers of my blog consider it something of a public service. As a gift of education to all none of you, here you go:

new socks

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I wish I could wear a new pair of socks every day. Love new socks.

Here's a video I didn't know existed, but it's called New Socks.

I do honestly like new socks a lot. They're just so much more comfortable. I hope you agree. Sorry if this is a polarizing issue. And  I just realized this isn't my only entry about socks. I'm really not obsessed. But socks are necessary most every day, which keeps them on my mind. They're easier to forget than pants. This has really been a waste of all of our time. I'm a horrible blogger. Absolute failure.

I'll post more tomorrow.

my day

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Here's a video that's just about as exciting as my day has been so far. Draw your own conclusions.

Let me know if you like this and I'll post more about asparagus.
I still get excited when I see this. maybe I should be using this as psych up material. Play it right before Mark Gormley.

mark gormley

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A little uplifting music. It helps me get psyched for the day.

"Life is beginnnnnning...forever."

Crispin Porter is the "it" agency mainly because of campaigns like Whopper Freakout, The Mojave Experiment, and, most recently, Whopper Virgins. Know what? It's all been done before. And even though I wasn't in advertising at the time, I don't remember a big to-do over campaigns like this one, which I've edgily renamed Folgers Crystals Freakout.

Am I missing something? Just for education's sake, here's a clip about hidden camera commercials:

an oldie but goodie

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I was digging through old work looking for something else when I found a favorite banner I did way way back when.

Get ready to be dazzled...


happy inauguration day

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It's really exciting. On a serious note, this is pretty huge. And I think I'm the only one saying that. If he's great, I told you so. If not, forget I ever said anything. But I've said for a couple of years now that I think he's like the smartest kid in class always used to be. I don't know where they all are now, but I'm sure they're doing well.

Here's an inauguration video.

here's something

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It's a heart stopping rendition of My Heart Will Go On, as interpreted by the Aiea Intermediate School 8th Grade Band.


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I really want to post to this blog pretty much every day, so, like in life, some days will be better than others.

Saw this last night on TV and thought it was funny. Probably just me.


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Staying on the cutting edge of fashion and tossing aside the single-digit temperatures, I'm going to click and buy buy buy me some Urban Outfitters gladiator sandals. I sure hope I'll be the first dude on my block to sport them. Hope they look good with wool socks.



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I wonder if I need to start writing longer stuff for this to really be a blog. If no one's going to read it anyway, does it really matter how long it is? I mean, it's like if a tree falls in the forest would you hear it? Depends on the tree, or how far it falls I guess. But how long is an acceptable length for a blog post? I'm assuming this is about long enough. Or maybe this. Or now. Not really sure. Come on, peeps, let me know what you think! Shoot. I don't think anybody is reading this. 

hard to read

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Some people think the design of my blog makes it hard to read. I'm the only one who reads it.

more about the future

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Here's another video about the future. It's going to be pretty lame.

state of the blog

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Three days into this thing, and I think this is a great blog. I mean for living up to its name. I'm getting pretty lame already, and it's only going to get better, or more lame as I post more stuff that even pains me to read.

In the meantime, here's a video about the Internet in 1987. There are guys who look like Jackson Brown and Lou Reed in it, but I really don't know why they'd be in a 1987 Internet video:


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I was looking at the billboards in Times Square today at lunch, and everyone looked really cold. People in shorts, tank tops, swimsuits, even lingerie.

I was chilly in my heavy coat.


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I'm not sure why we're a generation without moustaches. You know, the non-ironic kind. Like Tom Selleck or Clark Gable. I tried one for about 10 minutes yesterday and it didn't work.

Some people spell it without the 'o' like mustache.

Here's a clip everyone's seen already:

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